Helton Levy is a journalist, researcher, and lecturer. His research interests lie in understanding how minoritized communities broker dialogue with mainstream society through the use of different media outlets.

For this book, his experience as a queer person living in the global south has influenced the quest to understand both global and local levels in which queer cultures operate.

In Globalised Queerness, Levy is interested in the formation of hybrid queer vocabularies that amalgamate vernacular and foreign elements seen in popular culture into a single narrative that become very powerful along the way. While not drawing extensively on identity matters, this work investigates discourses of community and outsiderness based on specific features that profoundly affect the perception of queerness by audiences around the world.

Helton Levy is the author of The Internet, Politics, and Inequality in Contemporary Brazil: Peripheral Media (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018) and several articles on counter-hegemonic media and media discourse. He holds a PhD from City, University of London and is a Lecturer in Communications at the Department of Communications of John Cabot University in Rome. He has taught in the past at City University London and King’s College London. You can find more about his work and publications at his personal website https://heltonlevy.net